One Of The Funniest Comedy Sketches Of All Time

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Download: One Of The Funniest Comedy Sketches Of All Time

download One Of The Funniest Comedy Sketches Of All Time

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47 comments on “One Of The Funniest Comedy Sketches Of All Time

  1. I did stuff like that once upon a time. Mind you £10 was quite a lot of money then so I would stick a 50p coin to the ground with superglue somewhere where I could sit and watch what happened.

  2. Remember watching him in the mid 70s when i lived in coquitlam,can't remember if he was on a vancouver channel or kvos tv in bellingham washington.

  3. The good news is two and a half minutes spent watching this thing were not wasted.

  4. I bellowed with laughter…then read the comment section: seating arrangements, tea prices, dated routines, video captions, dead comics, continental etiquette and British basements….now if I can just learn how to unlaugh 🙄!

  5. Could be improved by having the café owner returning to the car once they're about to close.

  6. That was okay but you are only setting people up for disappointment when you say "One of the funniest of all time".

  7. The best thing about this skit is, it represents true British humour and wit without words. You don't need to listen to anything so non English speakers can understand also. British humour is on point!

  8. Skit brilliant as is….but if somebody asked me to produce it and make it a little
    different 🤔, I would have an additional passerby walking their dog…🧐yes….and the dog would get ready to leave their mark on the tire….and the gentleman would at first get real stressed as he does with the others on the street and do his sigh of relief when the dog decides to piss on the other tire….

  9. Wish those people would quit driving on the wrong side of the road,your supposed to drive on the right side.

  10. Dawg, that must be a lot of money to sit around in a cafe for. This was pretty funny.

  11. The best comedian ever to come out of ireland absolute genius , his stand up is miles better.

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