Nightcore – Sad Song【Lyrics】 For My Best Friend ♥

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Download: Nightcore – Sad Song【Lyrics】 For My Best Friend ♥

download Nightcore - Sad Song【Lyrics】 For My Best Friend ♥

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33 comments on “Nightcore – Sad Song【Lyrics】 For My Best Friend ♥

  1. If this gets 10 likes I will sing this to my best freind who is always by my side called FOOD!! Get this to 10 likes so I can sing this to my bestie love ya 😂 🎶

  2. My Sister moved house when she was 17 and i was 9 my 10th birthday went paat and she DIDENT come țo my birthday cuz she îs în Germany and she îs pregnat😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. I couldn't imagine life without my best friend she means the world to me👭❤️❤️

  4. Are used to have a BFF but she bullied me he tried say sorry but I said no and I said you lost me forever and I said goodbye she started to cry😢😔🤨

  5. I had a bff named Abby back in 5th grade, we both liked KPOP and stuff but when it was 6th grade she moved I think and I still don't know where she even is, I just wanna break down and cry bec idk where she is and I miss her

  6. my story:

    i was a nobody, i was this biggest nerd ever and in my school u have to change classes when u get to junior school (y3,y4,y5,y6) so i met my bff in y3. she was the popular girl, she was so pretty and tbh she was a little spoiled but i didnt mind. i wanted to talk to her, so i went up to her and asked her if i wanted to read a book. yea, ik lame but i was a huge nerd. and then she actually said yes, and eventually we kept spending time with each other and we were bffs. for the whole of y3 we legit were the cheesiest bffs ever, we held hands, laughed in class and shared inside jokes. it got the point where, we started to have fights with our other friends bc we spent too much time with each other. in y4 we got even closer, and we were the The happiest bffs in the room and even though we had our fair share of flights with other ppl we always stuck together. then in y5 we had to change classes, and unfortunately i wasn’t put in her class. i dont cry.. i bottle my emotions up and hold them in. so over the summer that’s what i did, i was always insecure over my bff leaving me for another person bc she was so popular and i was not. and in the infant school (nursery,reception,y1,y2) as well as y3 i got bullied. i always had insecurities and low self esteem, but my bff made me feel so appreciated inside. but luckily for me, nothing changed.we shared things from each of our respective classes and made inside jokes abt them. for a while, my fear of her abandoning me went way but with my bullying and my brother being the fav sibling ofc i still worried. in y6, was where things started to go all wrong.. at the beginning of t1 this new girl joined.we quickly became fast friends and invited her into our group (which consisted of five ppl:my bff, me, two other ppl and the new girl) eventually the new girl came up to me and asked her to ditch my bff for her and she wanted to become bffs.she was a great friend, but i wasnt ditching my bff for her and i told her that.i also told her that i was confident that my current bff wouldnt ditch me, but little did she know that i wasnt at all worst fears were coming true, slowly the new girl and my bff made inside jokes between them and we stopped having sleepovers whilst they would have one every single week.i still hung out and sat with them during break and lunch, but they never talked to me..they were basically ignoring me.another thing u must know abt my bff is that she is kind of spoilt,controlling and manipulative but i didnt see that.she wouldnt let me play with other friends, and there was a time where i was ok with that but not anymore.i refused to be afraid of her anymore, so one day I just didnt sit at her table.i didnt talk to her, and i didnt chill with her.the word part is, when i got home she didnt even try to contact me so i thought that she gave up.however, we still had to do this music cca together so we basically became friends again bc well i just didnt want to lose her.this was around t3 y6 and we never talked abt that day all changed over the summer of the friends from the group was over at my house for a sleepover and i basically got angry with my bff.whenever i did smthng wrong or missed a day of skl, she wouldnt talk to me for 2wks.i told her how i felt, and she completely denied it and went so far to say as i was the one who ditched her.then i got really pissed, and we had a full fledged fight.for the rest of the summer, i was miserable but convinced myself it was for the best.when i came to y7, it was like my bff was a different person.she used to be a warm,kind,positive person who laughed and smiled but now she was the opposite.and im not trying to bring down negative and pessimistic ppl bc i am one of those, but i knew that this wasnt who she was at heart.her new bff and her little group, taunted me,ignored me, and i just blocked it out and focused on my studies.then the last straw was when they made a song, and started to sing it.when my friends tried to talk to her i heard her saying that she never wanted to see my miserable face ever again and that she hated me.i couldnt take it anymore,so i ran.for months of bottling up my emotions, my walls that i had worked so hard to build around my heart we’re breaking down and for that one second i let myself be vulnerable.the next day, i couldnt face my school so i faked being family knew nothing of my depression,how i would cry myself to sleep but what really hurt was that my bff really didnt absence in her life didnt affect her in the slightest, and i guess thats what really hit day, the pain got too much and the stress of life was gaining.briefly,i considered how much easier life would be if i just jumped out the window.i nearly did it, but i stopped myself just in time.four years ago, the thought of this happening would never have crossed my mind.all i knew,is that i never wanted to feel this way i apologised to the new girl first,and she accepted it and became friends.tbh, it wasnt really her i cares abt it was my bff.she was trying to be cool,and swearing so i didnt really know if she would accept it or i gave a long apology text,and she neither accept it nor declined it.eventually,i started to become friends with her while group but never with her.we would always subtly ignore each other,and for a while that irritated me.but then i realised, the girl sitting here in place of my bff would never have accepted to read that book with the weird,nerd, loner i stopped worrying abt her, and trying to get her back and instead i focused on my current friendships.i cant say that i was 100% happier bc there was still a hole in my heart where she used to be,there were still random nights when i felt so depressed and cried myself to thing that i regret abt losing our friendship is that i miss the feeling of having a bff,someone who truly loves u for who u are(but not in that way lol,neither of us are gay)but although i missed they feeling i didnt miss this new person that she has much as i wanna let go of those four years,i never can bc it just hurts to much.thats why i still torture myself looking at old jokes and conversations.

    if u stayed long enough to read this❣️then for anyone in a similar situation, take it from one survivor to anyone things can get better.u just have to fight for it and never give friends honestly made the experience so much easier and i and extremely grateful to them for everything they have done💘

  7. I sent this song to my bff one year ago and we have been bffs before and after I sent this to her and one year after I sent this song to her we came to a new school and she met “popular” girls and I just got told by her that she didn’t want to be my friend anymore so I was listening to this in remembrance of our friendship 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Heres my story :p

    So, i've been friends with my ex bff now since 4th grade. And in 5th grade, we had a fight, because she dyed her hair tips blue and wanted to wash it off, but her mom didnt let her. So she said she never wanted to talk to her mom again. So i told another friend of mine thats close to me and her, lets call her ella, and lets call my ex bff, sophia. So i told ella, and i said that sophia hated her mom. And ella asked Sophia if this was true, and she said no, and sophia got all angry at me for telling a "lie" when i said I CANT REMEMBER EVERY BODY'S TEXTS. so, after that whole argument, she called me one of our old friends, ill call her Ani, and Ani backstabbed us, and lied behind our backs. So sophia said i went behind her back. After she called me Ani i said goodbye, and i dont plan on talking to her.

  9. MY bestie left me in 3rd grade… So I left her in 4th now am really am unworthy am so rude I just turned into a brat i am sorry if you are reading this you shouldn't leave someone I did this cause in 3rd grade she didn't care for me called me names laughed at me Cause I wasn't perfect am not happy having my friends I just miss her but she doesn't care for my new bestie 😭😭😭

  10. Im remmember that my bff now ingore me. She just ingore me now. But i will not give up to win she heart im always happy in when she make some funny and cute. I will not break bff with her. I love her and we alway make a lesbian at hotel. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 she just like my boyfriend in my life. I live she. 💗💗💗💗

  11. I love this song this is my bestfriend who live a another school and place and I love you bestfriend

  12. I miss my Bff I didn't know she had a cancer and I left her in many years I never forget her I love you 😢😢😢😢😢😢 and her last words she said I never forget you and I love you……………

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