Lauv ‒ Sad Forever (Lyrics)

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Duration3:24 Seconds
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48 comments on “Lauv ‒ Sad Forever (Lyrics)

  1. I always give advice to my friends but there is no one for me to speak to… All my friends are turning against me 1 by 1 and it hurts so bad 🙁

  2. Damn. I was enjoying this song for hundred times without watching the video untill now. This video is so inspiring! Thank you!

  3. this is the best lyrics video i've ever seen in my life! it's so touching and it goes with the music, the lyric and the feeling Lauv wanna transmit!

    I've been through few hard times this year & mostly make me feel down. I do feel useless & started to hate myself little by little. This song really voice out my thoughts 👍🏻

  5. watching this, I have an anxiety smh that there'll be some typo 😂😂😂

  6. :' thank you so much for this song ive been a suicidal before but this song is helping me wake up and try to give life a chance one more time

  7. My mom always peer pressure me into being tough when i'm actually sensetive she won't let me… myself….she sometimes call me retarded or crybaby… cause i'm a highly sensitive person i feel like giving up so bad….my mom and dad have been agruing ever since i was 8…..when i turned 13 (the age i am now)I realized nothing was gonna change until i met my online friends and they make me feel very loved i have depression…but i'm emotional all the time…and idk why i'm sorry if i wasted your time writing this comment….i don't usually vent this much cause i have no one to vent too….😞

  8. This Lyric video is awesome !
    Lauv be dealing with a breakup…

  9. my mental health isn't great, this song helps express those feelings<3

  10. if anyone is feeling hurt, upset angry, sad, depressed or all of the above, just remember,
    when the catterpillar thought the world was ending, she became a butterfly.
    you are loved.

  11. for everyone going through a war of depression don't lose hope there's one dude who will be with you throughout the journey loving you endlessly and that's Jesus. Hold on to Him

  12. Oh my God guys. Please don't be sad. It's gonna be totally okay and everything will be alright. You just need to wait!

  13. I don't want to be sad
    *I don't want to be sad *
    I don't want to be sad ANYMORE

  14. Just did a cover on this!! Would be so grateful if you could take just a bit of your time to check it out❤

  15. This song made me think of Etika for some reason😭😭…RIP ETIKA

  16. To people who's scrolling down, dont act like you're okay, you are LOVE and you are MATTER, you were never alone in that fight, so dont give up, ever, so spread the word because life is too short to be SAD FOREVER, xoxo❤️

  17. to those going through depression and extreme anxiety,, you’re not alone, we’re all in this together. I understand the suffering but trust me it will be okay, we will all make it through this. Seek help and surround yourself with things you love, if u have to delete toxic people in your life , do it.

  18. I love this song.. and I've been depressed for 7 years thx for this song <3
    (I'm 13 and my parents divorced since I was 6 so yeah. I miss my mom ;-;)

  19. i got depressed a year ago,this song just help me to get out from the darkest place and time,and i dont want to be medicated,cause the doctor gave me a lot of pills,till one day i realized that i can live my life without pills and tears:)

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