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download Jeopardy! First: Tiebreaker | JEOPARDY!

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40 comments on “Jeopardy! First: Tiebreaker | JEOPARDY!

  1. I Know This Happened a Year Ago and I Wish The Tiebreaker Can Get Lifted and I Enjoyed Co-Champions!

  2. I hate to be that guy, but the lady who won is gorgeous

  3. I would have been fucked, if he just asked it I would have started writing like it was final jeopardy but then she would have buzzed and gotten it, do you think they explained these things?

  4. I remember before when there was a tie and both of them would go forward to the next day.

  5. it should be another final jeopardy 30 second to answer question. this was whack

  6. That's only for the tournament play!!

    Unless Jeopardy made some rule change!!

  7. I thought in the regular games they bring back both tied players as co-champions.

    The only time they break ties is in tournaments where it is necessary to get a winner

  8. That was a ridiculously easy question. Buzzing speed was the determining factor

  9. This isn't the first tho… it happened in 2014 during a teen tournament and I don't think that's a first either…

  10. The tie breaker should have been written like in Final Jeopardy. Not depending on the quickness of the contestants ring in.

  11. I always wondered what happens when there's a tie, but people always gotta put that $1 difference

  12. When there's a tie, you can only win by giving a correct response, you can not win by default.

  13. Her average is so bad. I've seen people without a brain average higher than that

  14. I could have sworn this happened another time and they just brought back both contestants the next day.

  15. But she didn't get any money for that question? It was relatively easy, but what if she missed it? Would the other player automatically win or would they keep going until someone gets one right?

  16. I think Jeopardy should have kept ties like they have in the past.

  17. This is not nice at all and they immediately rushed it. Go back to the co-champions format and stick with it.

  18. Man when I watch this live I was like holy shit wtf I was freaking out n now I’m rewatching this n like wtv

  19. Let's be honest. The only reasons there can be a tie after Final Jeopardy is if either the contestants were tied going into Final or at least one person wagered incorrectly.

  20. Just so we're clear here, Tie-Breakers HAVE happened on the show previously, but ONLY in Tournament Play. This is the first time a Tie-Breaker happened in a REGULAR game, even though regular games themselves have been tied in the past–they just came back as co-champions–that's no longer the case.

  21. I thought in the event of a tie they declare them co-champions

  22. 1:22 — Hah, Scott raises his hands like "What happens now?" I remember watching this when it aired, and it seemed strange how quickly Alex and the crew happened to have a clue ready for a tiebreaker. Also, this has happened before in the past but they would just bring back both contestants next time. Not sure when that rule changed.

  23. That's not the first time the show ended in a tie. They should have allowed both players to come back the next day.

  24. Sarah acted so surprised by the tie when she caused the tie in the first place.

  25. That was basically just a who can push the button faster that’s an easy question. Anyone on jeopardy would know that

  26. Does anyone remember the olden days of Jeopardy whenever 2 players (maybe 3) were both tied for the lead at the end of Final Jeopardy that they would both win and advance to the next game instead of having to break a the tie like they did here (which this was mostly done in the tournaments)?

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