Happy Death Day 2U – Official Trailer (HD)

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Download: Happy Death Day 2U – Official Trailer (HD)

download Happy Death Day 2U - Official Trailer (HD)

Duration2:20 Seconds
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26 comments on “Happy Death Day 2U – Official Trailer (HD)

  1. End Credits is fucked up:
    Tree, Carter, Ryan, Samar and Dre are escorted to a DARPA laboratory, where the reactor has been moved for further experimentation. Tree says she knows the perfect test subject. In her bedroom, Danielle wakes up screaming in horror.

    But Danielle helped them steal Sisy

  2. This movie was pretty good. I liked it better than the first one. Felt like this movie was more Sci-Fi than anything. Jessica Rothe is an amazing actress!

  3. Okay so this is not horror movie right like ghost and whatsoever cause I can't watch horror lol but love psycho movies hahahha

  4. I loved both these movies. It was utterly perfect with horror AND thrills/drama WITH romance!!! Like where can I find that all in one usually lol0 and it actually is good?
    I hope they can keep making sequels, or maybe even a short tv show, but bring back the horror for sure.

  5. Happy Death day: 2017
    Happy Death Day 2U: 2019
    Happy Death day 3U: 2021

  6. Fuck, how I laughed loudly at the place where she fell from the plane. Bye see you on earth. Great comedy with a mixture of drama, action and science.

  7. How the hell did the first one do so good,but the second one not so much?

  8. saw the movie today- it was pretty awesome (not sure everyone would like it but i did)

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  10. Whoever has watched it, pls tell me!!! I watched the first one and it was one of great the movie and now they have the second one but i didnt have time to watch it bc of work. so pleaseee tell me well at least to the asian dude. I love spoilers✌😉

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